Hazardous Waste Event, Hempton Recycling Centre

Event Date: 14/10/23 - 15/10/23

14 & 15 October, 9am-4pm – Hempton Recycling Centre Helhoughton Road, Fakenham, NR21 7DY 

Visitors to seven participating recycling centres during October will be able to drop off items including wood preservatives, insecticides, weed killers, paint, thinners, varnishes and special cleaning products. It is recommended that people use suitable waste containers for disposal. Hazardous household products are common in many homes and must be disposed of carefully in order to prevent dangerous chemical reactions. This type of waste is not normally accepted at recycling centres as it needs to be dealt with by specialist waste disposal contractors. A substance is considered hazardous if it ignites easily, reacts or explodes when mixed with other substances, is corrosive or toxic.

To determine if a substance is hazardous, check product labels for words or symbols that indicate caution, warning, danger, poison or toxic. To help recycling centre staff and keep queues down visitors are encouraged to:

  • Keep containers clearly labelled where possible
  • Keep all products in their original containers and not mix them together
  • Make sure that the products are properly sealed to avoid leakage

To find out more about the events including what can and can’t be taken along, click here.

Further dates, times and locations of the hazardous household waste events: