+ British Science Week 2020

Norfolk Recycles joined in with the Social Media event of British Science week 2020, sharing the technology at the Materials Recovery Facility, in Costessey, and showing videos of what happens to the items you recycle both at home and at your local recycling centre.

+ Get Organised January

A fun month-long series of posts for social media, encouraging people to make reusable items part of their daily routine. Based on the ‘Wallet, Phone, Keys’ slogan we added items such as reusable cups or water bottles making them everyday items. A precursor to the upcoming Reducing Single Use Products campaign.

+ Balloon and Lantern Charter

Spearheaded by Norfolk County Council, developing from the ban on releasing balloons and sky lanterns on NCC property, the campaign asked businesses, landowners and organisations to join them and pledge not to permit releases on their own property. It also asked individuals to pledge to consider alternatives to balloons and sky lanterns. To find out more visit Balloon and Lantern charter.   

+ Recycle Week 2019

Norfolk stepped up to take part in the Recycle Now Recycle Week campaign 2019; sharing posts and creating imagery for use across both the Norfolk Recycles and local council social media channels. The week focused on ‘taking recycling into your own hands’ encouraging people to take responsibility of their waste.

+ Yes / Nope

Taking the 2018 Recycle Week campaign message of ‘Norfolk Does’ further we created a series of the most popular ‘Contamination’ Items found in Norfolk recycling bins. A simple yet effective image and text campaign of Yes and Nope. These are a staple part of our Social media feeds with regular posts planned across the year.

+ Magic Hands Videos

A campaign of 3 videos to go over the dos and don’ts of recycling at home. Building on the success of our magic hands Scrunch it to Sort it campaign. They highlighted the plastic items you can recycle, reiterated the clean, dry & loose message and even debunked some home recycling myths. The videos can be found on the Norfolk Recycles You Tube channel

+ Love Norfolk Hate Litter

A county wide call to action, for a cleaner county. Tied in with the Love Norfolk Hate Litter facebook group and with the backing of Norfolk’s Deputy Lord Lieutenants, launched the Love Norfolk Hate Litter campaign. We asked the people of Norfolk to pledge to litter pick themselves when out in the county, to join local groups and for businesses to take steps to reduce litter near their premises. A litter pack for Norfolk schools was created teaching the next generation to act against litter. To find out more visit Love Norfolk Hate Litter.

+ Everything but the Egg (Easter 2019)

What part of your Easter egg can you recycle in Norfolk? Everything but the Egg! A campaign including a video, which encouraged Norfolk residents to recycle their Easter Egg packaging, including the foil.

+ #SCRAPFlytipping

All of Norfolk’s councils joined Hertfordshire’s #Srapflytipping campaign, the first councils to do so in East Anglia.  The campaign focused on householders and businesses making sure that they dispose of waste properly and check anyone paying to take waste away is reputable and has relevant licences.  The campaign has continued into 2020 outlining the enforcements the local councils have taken to tackle flytipping.    To find out more visit #Scrapflytipping

+ Scrunch it to Sort it (Christmas 2018)

A ‘magic hands’ campaign showing Norfolk households the ‘Scrunch Test’ and how to make sure the right wrapping paper is recycled at home.

+ Recycle Week 2018 – Norfolk Does

Norfolk joined in the national Recycle Week campaign encouraging residents to recycle at home.  Bespoke imagery was designed for each district, borough or city council and a more generic ‘Norfolk does’.

A campaign with longevity as it has been incorporated into the Yes Nope social media campaign.

+ Plastic Recycling Cutting the Confusion

A joint roadshow campaign with Recoup and Pledge for Plastics to encourage the right plastics to be placed in your home recycling bin. The project started with a Fashion Competition which asked local young people to design an outfit the material to be used was made from recycled plastic bottles. A plastic sculpture was a unique addition to the campaign. A roadshow was held in each district with information and giveaways on what plastics can be recycled in Norfolk.



+ Sainsbury's Discovery Communities and Community Fridges

In a joint project with Sainsbury’s and Hubbub, Norfolk Waste Partnership supported seven Discovery Communities in Norfolk. The Discovery Community project aimed to prevent or reduce leftover waste and increase reuse and recycling activities, measuring the impact over the five months (November 2017 to March 2018).

The Discovery Communities were established in each district with Norfolk in: Costessey, Downham Market, East Norwich, Fakenham, Gorleston, Thorpe St Andrew and Watton & Carbroooke. During the project residents in the area were invited to take part in a Zero Waste Kitchen Challenge, Food Saver Events, School’s Fab Food project, sign up to the Olio app and take the Food Waste Pledge. Each community also had a Community Fridge installed.

+ Give your Recycling a little bit of Love!

A countywide campaign to help reduce contamination in the kerbside recycling. The campaign consisted of a leaflet drop to every household in the county with a detachable sticker showing what can and can’t go in your recycling bin. Imagery was also placed on waste refuse and recycling vehicles, shop windows, bus stops, garage forecourts and press. There was an audience targeted advert on Sky tv (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ljgu647QSdc).