Recycle Right LogoPutting the right stuff in the right bin is important. Putting the ‘wrong’ stuff in your recycling bin can spoil the rest of the recyclable items and can result in:

  • Wasting the efforts made by people that are recycling correctly.
  • Increasing the cost of your recycling collection service as items have to be handled several times (collected for recycling, sorted and removed for disposal).
  • Reduce the amount we recycle as spoiling your recycling bin can result in in it being sent for general waste disposal.
  • Reduce the quality and value of our recycling material.

In extreme cases an entire load of material, that was otherwise fine, could be rejected. The companies we sell our paper and card to send inspectors to check the quality of the material we are sending them. If they find food or a nappy in a bale of paper and card, they will not accept any more of our material, until we pass future inspections. Paper and card that would have been going to them has to be sold to another company, which buys it at a lower price.

All this means a loss of income which costs the councils and therefore you, the taxpayer, money. And that money could have been used on other services.

Norfolk’s recycling material is sorted by hand and baled by machine in a purpose-built factory in Costessey. So, it’s really important to recycle the right items and to keep your recyclables Clean, Dry & Don’t Bag It.