FACET is an exciting, forward thinking environmental project which seeks to move towards a resource efficient economy, by supporting entrepreneurs in the tourism and leisure sector to shift from linear business models to circular, which reduce waste. The project is a partnership between The Netherlands, France, Belgium and the UK with Norfolk County Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council responsible for our local delivery. The project runs until 31st March 2023.

Why is this important

FACET seeks to tackle the issues related to mass consumption of resources during the peak tourist season which place strain on the environment. By working with business owners and other community stakeholders, FACET will encourage entrepreneurs to move away from ‘make, use, dispose’ to using resources for as long as possible, regenerating materials and in turn preventing costly and unsustainable levels of waste.

How FACET can help your business

Businesses that join FACET will have the opportunity to be involved in fully funded circular economy pilots, including, a returnable cup, on-site composting, surplus food donation and a plastics collection. Participating businesses will reduce their purchase costs, reduce the amount of waste they produce to help the environment and receive marketing support to promote each scheme. A free toolkit will also be available on how to implement greener business practices and reduce costs.

FACET will reduce on street litter and encourage behaviour change by investing in a number of on-street bin improvements, including, introducing on on the go recycling, increasing bin capacity, smart bin technology and installation of novel sculpture and ballot bins.

Fore more information visit Intereg2seas.