Card Factory launch Foil Balloon Recycling

Let Card Factory recycle your foil balloons.

We are super proud to have partnered with Terracycle and Amscan to create a free foil product recycling programme.
It’s super easy, simply take any foil balloon or banner to one of our 500 participating stores and place it in the cardboard box provided and TerraCycle will do the rest.

What can be Recycled?

  • All brands of foil balloons and foil air walkers
  • All brands of foil banners and sashes
  • Plastic packaging for foil balloons and air walkers

How does it work?

Once collected, TerraCycle take your foil balloons and banners away to be shredded and melted into plastic pellets. These plastic pellets can then be remolded into new products.
To find out more and check participating stores, visit Card Factory.