Image of Christmas recycling activity sheetDid you know, we throw away around 30% more rubbish at Christmas?

The good news is there are lots of things we can all do to help to reduce this, like choosing gifts with no packaging, using up leftover food and recycling as much as we can. Have a go at our Christmas activity sheet and help the elves (and your families!) to waste less over this festive period.

Click here to access the activity sheet.

Scavenger Hunt

This year has seen families enjoying more open walks together, so why not combine a leisurely stroll with a scavenger hunt?

Put together a list of of natural items that need to be collected in order to make handmade Christmas decorations.

Fir tree branches alongside red berries make fabulous wreaths. Twigs and pinecones combined with scraps of ribbon or string can add something unique to your tree decorations.

For inspiration please visit our Pinterest page, where you will find ideas on other crafty decorations.

Get a Head Start

Gift tags made from old Christmas cardsWe all like to be prepared for Christmas, well what about getting nearly a year head start? Look at the items that would most likely be waste that could be ‘upcycled’ for next year.

Christmas cards and discarded wrapping paper can be turned into gift tags, basis of crackers or even new cards to send on. To add extra sparkle reuse the ribbons and bows that decorated your gifts.

Luxurious packaging and gift bags can be turned into decorations, giving you a new theme year on year.