Christmas Waste

Image of Presents Under TreeChristmas is a time to celebrate with friends and family, often involving lots of extravagance. We normally spend excessively on gifts for friends and family, all of which need to be wrapped, and we send cards to everyone we know just to let them know we are thinking of them during this time. Often, we are enticed by shiny new gift and homeware, decorations and treats all wrapped up in festive packaging.

However, the festivities come at a waste cost on top of emptying our wallets and expanding our waistlines! On average an extra 30% of rubbish is produced and discarded over the holiday season! This includes enough wrapping paper to reach the moon.

Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of unwanted gifts, discarded wrapping paper and overflowing rubbish bins.

We have put together some helpful hints and tips on how you can cut the waste that ends up in your rubbish bin and going to landfill.

Take a look below at how you can reduce waste and recycle more this Christmas, find out how you can tell if your wrapping paper is recyclable but giving it the Scrunch Test, learn how you can be more responsible with Christmas cards, save money and reduce waste with our food tips and eco-friendly alternatives this festive period.

Recycling More this Christmas

Recycle Christmas Tree graphicOver the festive period it is important to continue to recycle. As always keep your recycling clean, dry and loose, many Christmas items can be popped into your recycling bin.

Here is what Christmas related waste you can recycle:

  • Advent calendars – just separate the plastic insert, any foil and cardboard box.
  • Aluminium baking trays, such as those used to cook your turkey in.
  • Batteries, please take to your local Recycling Centre or to one of the many battery boxes in retail stores.
  • Biscuits boxes and inner trays.
  • Cardboard, including the box items are delivered in and toys are packaged in. If you have lots, flatten to fit more in your recycling bin or take to your local Recycling Centre.
  • Clean turkey foil.
  • Christmas cards.
  • Foil from your chocolate Father Christmas/chocolate coins.
  • Food trays, pots and tubs (including fresh meat trays and Christmas pudding tubs).
  • Glass bottles including wine and beer.
  • Glass jars, such as those that seasonal chutneys come in. Tops can be left on.
  • Mince pie packaging – box, plastic tray and foil tins.
  • Plastic bottles including drink, cleaning products, personal care/beauty and medication.
  • Real Christmas trees – please take to your local Recycling Centre.
  • Wrapping paper – make sure you complete the Scrunch Test.