The government has challenged schools to reduce their single-use plastics and products by 2022. Our ‘Reduce single-use award scheme’ and accompanying education pack have been specially designed to help you to reduce single-use one step at a time.

Sign up and you’ll begin by involving pupils in an audit to identify any targets on the charter that you feel your school is already achieving. Once you’ve established what your school is already doing, you can start to think about what you will tackle next. We recommend working on the targets in blocks of four as this will make it more manageable.

Reduce single-use certificatesWhen you’ve identified your first four targets, compile your action plan. Your school will receive a certificate for every four targets you achieve, from Bronze through to Gold.

The work you complete for this project can also help you to work towards an Eco-schools award.

Sign up below and pledge to reduce single-use in your school!

School - Reduce Single Use Products
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