COVID-19 Update – Extended opening Hours at Mile Cross Recycling Centre

From tomorrow (Monday 1 June) Mile Cross Recycling Centre will open for longer, with new hours of  9am to 7pm, this is an increase from the initial opening hours when the site opened on 11 May.

Whilst the aim is to get back to the normal services offered as quickly as possible there are some changes that customers should be aware of and we apologise for any inconvenience these are causing. To manage demand and help ensure safe operations, the centres will continue to offer a restricted service and:

  • Require physical distancing of two metres by all customers.
  • Operate on a managed one in one out basis for vehicles.
  • Manage any build-up of traffic for people’s safety.
  • Only allow two adults out of a vehicle to unload their waste.
  • Assistance will not be offered to help empty vehicles.
  • Provide for the disposal and recycling of the main waste streams including green waste, general waste and charged for DIY type construction and demolition waste.
  • Reuse Shops remain closed.

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