Cycle Maintenance Workshop, Eaton Park, Norwich

Event Date: 29/01/22

Saturday 29 January, 1-4pm, Eaton Park, Norwich

The Little Riders 3 hour Cycle Maintenance Workshop is designed for adults (16 yrs+) who would like to learn how to check that their bike/their families bikes are safe, and undertake minor repairs to keep them working effectively.

During the workshop you will learn about
  • The parts of a bike
  • What tools do I need
  • How to undertake an M check
  • How to set up a bike to suit the rider (inc seat height)
  • How to fix a puncture
  • How to adjust your brakes
  • How to adjust your gears

Everybody that attends the workshop will be sent an electronic manual containing all of the content covered during the workshop including links to online tutorial videos.

To book your place visit Little Riders.