What is a Sainsbury's Discovery Community?

Sainsbury’s Discovery Communities aim to inspire people to reduce the amount of food waste created and save money by shopping with meals in mind.

We are supporting seven Discovery Communities in Norfolk. Recycle for Norfolk will be measuring the impact over the next five months (November 2017 to March 2018).

In 2016 Sainsbury’s worked closely with the town of Swadlincote in Derbyshire to test new ways to help households ‘Waste less, Save more’. From there, the concept of ‘Discovery Communities’ was born.

As part of our drive to ‘Recycle for Norfolk’, the local authorities work together as the ‘Norfolk Waste Partnership’, to prevent or reduce leftover waste and increase reuse and recycling activities. The Discovery Community concept is a chance to make an impact on how much food is thrown away.

Keeping food out of the bin is good for our pockets and the planet combined

As a nation of food lovers and waste haters, it’s surprising how much of our food ends up in the bin.

Thats’s one of the reasons Sainsbury’s is supporting local groups across the UK to help reduce the nation’s food waste at a grassroots, community level. Now, for the first time working with ‘Recycle for Norfolk’, Sainsbury’s is supporting the creation of seven new Discovery Communities in Norfolk.

Use the map to see whether you live in one of these areas and to get more information about what’s going on:

It All Adds Up

The national charity WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) says “There’s a huge opportunity for all of us to cut what we spend at the checkout simply by saving more of the food we buy from the bin.” Find more from WRAP at: lovefoodhatewaste.com

There are a range of activities you can get involved in happening locally up to March 2018:

Not in a Discovery Community? You can still fight food waste!

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