DIY Festive Jumpers, Norwich

Event Date: 07/11/21

Sunday 7 November 1-3pm, The Forum, Norwich

Did you know that each year in the UK we spend £220 million on festive jumpers, a quarter of which end up in the bin?  We Wear The Trousers is committed to transforming our relationships with our clothing. We want the act of getting dressed to be filled with joy and happiness- and what better time than yuletide for a bit of that, eh?

So why not come and create a one-of-a-kind festive jumper that you’re excited to take out of the wardrobe each December!

In order to conserve waste, if you have a jumper that you already own that you’d like to jazz up we greatly encourage you to bring it along with you. Otherwise you may select an item from our Festive Garment Rail of Joy to decorate.

All the materials and festive inspiration you require to DIY your jumper will be provided as part of the workshop!

For more information visit Norwich Eco Hub.