Food Savvy Facebook Live Q&A – Digital Chef’s Challenge

Live Q&A with Emma Crowhurst on Facebook Wednesday 8 April 2020 at 5:30 @Hubbub

Food Savvy is a collaborative partnership between Hubbub and, Norfolk and Suffolk Councils to help people make the most of their food and reduce food waste.

Currently we are bringing people together (remotely) by talking  about good food and sharing skills; which help our health, pockets and planet.

We will engage with a number of chefs to take part in a digital chef’s challenge over the coming weeks to help and inspire people to:

  • Save money
  • Eat healthy on a budget
  • Cut food waste
  • Cook with their household and family
  • Share tips and #DigitalDinners with others

Kicking off the series of the Digital Chefs challenge is Emma Crowhurst. In her live session she will be talking about meal planning, ingredient hacks, batch cooking, tips on low cost healthy cooking as well as some of her favourite recipes. This session also offers the audience a chance to ask questions.

Emma Crowhurst will go live on Wednesday 8th April at 5.30pm and she will be streaming for around 30 minutes. People can ask questions which will be answered during the live stream or afterwards. You can find out more about Emma here. 

To join in visit Hubbub on Facebook