How to reduce food waste and save money this Christmas!

One in seven of us admit to buying more food than we need for the festive period and this results in a massive 54 million plates of food being wasted. This has a huge effect on not only the environment but your wallet also.

We know that it can be quite a challenge to buy the right amount of food and then know what to do with the leftovers, but don’t worry, we are here to help you.


Image of Christmas dinner


Christmas Shopping ListHere’s some top tips to help save money and reduce food waste:

  • Make room in the freezer. Start using up items from your freezer to make sure you have extra storage space over the festive period.
  • Plan, plan and plan some more! Think about what you will make over Christmas alongside considering dinner parties you may be hosting.
  • Make a list for food shopping. Check your cupboards for essentials you already have. Once your list is made, make sure you stick to it. Click here for our handy shopping list template.
  • Leave items off your list that you know will be wasted, if no one likes sprouts don’t buy them just because it is traditional!
  • Only buy what you need, don’t get lured in by the special offers instore.
  • If you’ve got guests coming it’s even more essential to plan your meals. If you’re serving a starter and dessert, why not reduce the sizes of the main meal to avoid wastage. You can even divide responsibility of dishes between the guests, helping reduce the amount one persons buys.
  • Get creative and make new dishes with leftovers. Here are some fantastic recipes using common Christmas leftovers such as turkey, sprouts and Christmas pudding.
  • You can freeze leftovers, including gravy and vegetables! To find out more about what can be frozen take a look at this link.
  • If you have excess unopened food you could always donate to one of Norfolk’s Community Fridges or sign up to Olio, the food sharing app.
  • If your council does not offer a food waste collection service consider getting your own composting bin, which not only reduces waste but provides you with rich compost for your garden.

For more hints and tips on how you can reduce food waste this festive period visit the Food Savvy and Love Food Hate Waste sites and follow their social media platforms.