Four thousand Norfolk households helped to get composting this spring

With a new cut price bin offer and free courses across the county Norfolk County Council is aiming to make it easier for people to get composting this spring.

Fourteen free compost workshops will be taking place between May to September in places across the county including Aylsham, Cromer, Dereham, Diss, Great Yarmouth, Norwich and Thetford.

Norfolk residents are urged to book their place early on the course which will not only give them all the practical information they need to compost successfully, but also everyone who attends the course will get the chance to have their own brand new free compost bin delivered to their home.

The 2-hour beginners workshops will be delivered by our Master Composter volunteers who will give expert knowledge and handy hints and top tips such as how to banish rats from their compost bin.

And for anyone not able to make it to a course there’s still a helping hand to get people composting as from 1 April there will be 4000 compost bins available to buy at a reduced price – there will be a choice of either a 220 litre bin for £11.99 or a 330 litre bin for 13.99*.

Martin Wilby, chairman of the Environment, Development and Transport committee, said: “More than one third of the waste we throw away in Norfolk could be composted in our back gardens. Everyday items such as vegetable peelings, fruit skins and garden waste can all be turned into useful compost for our gardens.

“If 4,000 people take up this great offer for a reduced price bin we will make a huge difference to the amount of waste generated and also have positive impact on our environment.”

Four Norfolk people who have already pledged to give composting a go this spring are:

Lucy Land – Chedgrave
Lucy and her husband are first time buyers and having rented a flat for many years, they are really excited about having a garden for the first time and would like to try composting. She is passionate about the environment and learning to live more sustainably

Gavin Baker – South Lopham
Gavin has a 3 and a half year old daughter who he would like to get involved with learning how to compost. They have a large garden and used to have chickens who ate some of the veg and salad scraps. Now they no longer have chickens they have noticed that they are throwing a lot more away. They are concerned about this and would like to start composting.

Alexis Brand – Stoke Ferry
Alexis and her husband are newly retired. Composting is something they always wanted to do but with a hectic working life they didn’t get round to it, so they would love to start now. They have 4 grandchildren who stay with them regularly and would like to set an example and teach them about composting and the environment.

Karen Davies – Norwich,
Karen lives on her own and has a very small garden with one raised bed. Therefore she might try a wormery or bokashi composter which is ideal for a smaller space. She would like to make the most of her food waste and do her bit for the environment.

All the information on how to buy a bin, sign up for a composting course and for hints and tips on being a successful composter visit