If you are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee with friends, family or neighbours then these easy tips will help reduce your waste and make your event more sustainable.


Sustainable Decorations

Why not make your own decorations; cereal boxes are just right for making your own crowns, Union Jack handprint bunting is a great memorable item and fun to make too.

Ditch the balloons and lanterns for more sustainable reusable paper decorations.

Platinum party portions

Portion planning is great way to reduce food waste and save money on buying too much food.  Out top tips for portion planning are below:

  • Buy just what you need

Only buy what you need during your regular shopping trip to the store or online by selecting how many meals you plan to use each food for – taking away the guesswork during shopping will keep the £’s in your pocket.

  • Prepare, cook and serve

Prepare the right amount, every mealtime – minimising waste at the same time as keeping an eye on you and your family’s health.

  • Party portions 

Check out the portion planner before you shop, knowing how much to get will reduce waste and save the £s.

Sustainable Crockery and Cutlery

Why not ask everyone to bring their own crockery and cutlery, they can bring some from home and it saves on the washing up too!

If you’re hosting, opt for reusable items or see if there’s a local hire company that can help you out.

What to do afterwards

photo of alternative recycling binsMake sure that your guests can easily separate their recyclable and non recyclable waste, try separate bins with labels.

Got leftover food? Check our Food Savvy pages for how to store, keep and freeze your leftovers. New and unopened food you won’t eat? Why not ask if your local community fridge would like it. Be sure to store it as per the instructions.