Breakfast, lunch and snack time

  • Encourage the use refillable water bottles for use throughout the school day.
  • Ask the school’s food suppliers to deliver supplies with less packaging or returnable/reusable packaging.
  • Use reusable bottles for juice or water instead of buying a new container every day.
  • Think about the ingredients in lunch menus and try to prepare a weekly or monthly waste-free lunch. The aim of the waste-free lunch is for each pupil to be encouraged to clean their plate or bring a packed lunch which produces as little avoidable food and packaging waste as possible.
  • Set-up compost bins for food waste – you could also try your hand at a wormery (known as vermiculture); they are great fun and will also produce liquid plant feed for the school garden!

Around school

  • Set-up an Eco-school council or bunch of ‘keen and green’ advocates as part of your school council.
  • Print only when necessary. Try and keep electronic copies of files instead of printing everything out.
  • Make double-sided photocopies where possible.
  • If paper has only been written or printed on one side why not use it as scrap paper for messages, notes and lists. Keep a tray for one-sided paper to reuse.
  • Shredded paper can be recycled, composted or used for arts and crafts projects.
  • Remove internal mixed waste bins and litter bins and replace them with conveniently-sited internal recycling bins.
  • Talk to your local council or waste collection contractor about providing separate external bins for the school’s Clean, Dry & Loose recycling material.
  • For further information about how to Recycle At School, check out Recycle Now.

Know What You Can Recycle At Home

What can you recycle in your home?  This video will help you find out


Other Activites & Challenges

Try these ideas at school or at home:

Springtime Paper Pots

Ready to get out in the garden?  Here’s a novel way to use some waste paper and make your own biodegradable seed pots. Just click on the picture for the full instructions.paper recycling