Ann Wiltshire became a Master Composter Volunteer in 2019

Photograph of Master Composter Anne Wiltshire using her home compost bin. “For me the benefit of composting runs in conjunction with the home recycling I do i.e., paper, cardboard, glass, tin etc. Composting of my green kitchen waste saves space (and smell!) in the black rubbish bin, which in turn means less general waste helping to reduce my carbon footprint. This would otherwise go to landfill or be transported away for disposal. I don’t have a garden (I live in a first floor flat,) so what I do is use a grey plastic bin for my organic kitchen waste. This gets taken down to the compost bin on the allotment. The benefit for me (and the allotment!) is free quality compost and the knowledge that I know exactly what ingredients have gone into making it!”

“Composting gives me a feeling of satisfaction.  Every time I go to add more organic matter into the compost bin, I notice how quickly the level has shrunk down.  The smell and feel of freshly made compost is wonderful and not off putting in any way, contrary to what most people would expect.  The other thing that composting gives me is the knowledge that I am doing ‘my bit’ for the environment and for the future.  Also, it helps the Council save money.”

“I would advise anybody to buy a compost bin, it will more than pay for itself and reduce the amount of rubbish in the black bin. Children will be fascinated by the worms and the other tiny creatures you find in the bin and the compost made will do wonders for your garden, as has been proven on my allotment.”

“I have used my knowledge as a Master Composter by making my own compost and have encouraged friends and family to do likewise, explaining the benefits, answering their queries and giving them some handy tips. I have also attended a number of events.”

“What is ‘mind blowing’ for me with composting is the ‘magic’ that occurs in seeing how quickly the level in the compost bin goes down with each visit to the bin.  Opening up the bin and seeing all the creatures that play their part in the manufacture of this amazing product, alongside the living organisms we don’t see.”


Alan Davies became a Master Composter Volunteer in 2018

Photograph of Master Composter Alan Davies at his homemade composter I have a large garden which generates a good deal of compostable material so when we moved in on my retirement, I built my own compost area.

All that I knew about composting was self-taught.

The Master Composter training seem and ideal way for me to find out much more and to use my professional skills to spread the word.

As a result, I have been involved with the Allotment Project at Reepham High School.  My main role so far has been working with year 9 and 10 pupils completing their volunteering section of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

I have, of course, been involved in many of the other Allotment activities as I am now an ‘Adult Volunteer’.  A long-term objective is to develop, with the School’s Science Club, a workshop on the physics and chemistry of composting.  There’s lots of material available explaining the biology of composting but, as far as I can see, nothing on the other two areas of science.

Christine Goodwin

As an Environmental Champion in my workplace and because I have an allotment, I was already composting and recycling so I volunteered to go on the Master Composting course and have never looked back since.

I enjoy passing on my personal knowledge and what I’ve learnt – and am still learning during the courses supplied by Norfolk County Council (of which we have an input for suggestions) – onto the people I meet. This helps us all to plant the seed in the minds of the people visiting our stands on events and talks in general to think about recycling and composting. I think we all get great satisfaction, pride and plenty of laughs with interesting conversations along the way.

I’ve met like-minded people who have since become friends, who I meet personally, at events and training sessions and I like the flexibility and non-commitment issue where you can do as much or a little as you want without feeling guilty or put upon.

I get excited about doing events and it has given me confidence in public speaking so I would definitely recommend joining the Master Composting Scheme.