Event Date: 06/10/17 - 08/10/17

When:  Friday 6, Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October, 9am to 4pm
Where: Mayton Wood Recycling Centre, Little Hautbois, Coltishall, NR12 7JX

Norfolk County Council are holding 7 events across weekends in September and October at the bigger recycling centres where residents can dispose of household hazardous waste free of charge.  If you can’t make this weekend check which other recycling centres are holding an event.

Items accepted during household hazardous waste days:
– Aerosols – full or part-full
– Fire extinguishers
– Garden pesticides and fertilizers – both liquid and powder form
– Household chemicals and cleansers – both liquid and powder form. eg carpet cleaner, furniture polish, old bottles of bleach etc
– Paint – including water-based and solvent-based paint
– Photographic chemicals
– Wood preservatives, treatments and varnishes

Items not accept during household hazardous waste days
– Ammunition, explosives or marine flares
– Asbestos
– Commercial (or business, or trade) hazardous waste
– Fireworks
– Gas canisters (full or part-full)
– Petrol

If it’s mainly paint you have to dispose of you can get rid of unused paint in other ways:
• ‘use it up’ by offering unused paint to friends, family or online eg Freegle or Freecycle
• ‘dry it out’ by adding something absorbent, like cat litter, soil or saw dust. Once the paint is dried, you can put the paint cans in your general waste bin at home

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