New Single-Use Plastic Ban launches 01 October 2023

From 1 October 2023 there will be additional bans and restrictions on single-use plastic items in England. Further guidance for businesses can be found here: Single-use plastics ban.

The ban includes:

  • Polystyrene cups and food containers,
  • Single use plastic cutlery,
  • Single use balloon sticks,
  • Restrictions to the supply of single use plastic trays, bowls, and plates. (However, businesses can continue to supply these items if they are used as packaging in pre-packaged food items.)

This ban compliments the existing restrictions on other single use plastic items including the plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers ban and carrier bag charges.

Single-use plastics have damaging environmental impacts as they are commonly littered and difficult to recycle. For advice and ideas to swap more single-use products for reusable alternatives visit Reduce Single-Use – Norfolk Recycles

If you have any questions about the single-use plastic ban and what it means for individual businesses, please contact: