Norfolk Residents Thanked for Making Reopening of Recycling Centres a Success

Reopening eight of Norfolk’s recycling centres has been a positive example of how lockdown restrictions can be eased while physical distancing measures are successfully implemented.

The public have made a massive contribution to the success of the reopening process by following the advice on site and traffic management around the sites, all designed to keep staff and the public safe. Mile Cross, Dereham and Caister have been the busiest sites but all the centres have been running smoothly and effectively. There have been some delays and queues at peak times, such as when they first open and we apologise for that and thank people for being patient. On average up to around 40 vehicles an hour have been passing through sites, meaning up to around 300 customers a day are able to use the service at each site.

From Tuesday 19 May at 9am restrictions will be removed to enable vans and vehicles with trailers to make use of recycling centres. Larger vehicles will now be allowed to visit sites, but traffic will still be closely managed to avoid queues and reduce waiting times. At Mile Cross Recycling Centre the site layout has been altered to allow an additional vehicle space on site to improve traffic flow and help ease the queues, while maintaining a safe site for both customers and staff. The traffic management team in place at the site is working throughout the day to manage the queue leading up to the recycling centre and prevent unsafe queuing on the highway.

Cllr Andy Grant, Cabinet member for Environment and Waste said “We’re so grateful for how sensibly and safely the people of Norfolk are treating the reopening of the recycling centres across the county; I’ve seen that first hand when I’ve been on site myself and I can’t thank people enough for how they are approaching things. It’s so important that we do everything we can to maintain physical distancing measures while enabling people to make use of these services and everybody is playing their part.”

“As you might expect for this time of year, there has been a high volume of green waste coming through and as this is a perfect time of the year to start composting the County Council is currently offering subsidised home composters to help make a difference ( and last week held a live Facebook event on how to compost like an expert that is well worth a watch.”

“We’re thankful too to all our staff on the frontline and behind the scenes for working so hard to reopen the centres and serve the people of Norfolk so well during this difficult time.”

All twenty of Norfolk’s recycling centres closed on 25 March 2020 when the Government restricted travel outside the home to limited essential purposes. Norfolk County Council worked on reopening plans with its contractors – NEWS and FCC Environment who operate the sites – to provide the service in a different way to help protect the health and safety of customers, staff and the wider community and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Whilst the aim is to get back to the normal services offered as quickly as possible there are some changes that customers should be aware of and we apologise for any inconvenience these are causing. To manage demand and help ensure safe operations, the centres will continue to offer a restricted service and:

  • Require social distancing of two metres by all customers
  • Operate on a managed one in one out basis for vehicles
  • Manage any build-up of traffic for people’s safety
  • Only allow two adults out of a vehicle to unload their waste
  • Assistance will not be offered to help empty vehicles
  • Provide for the disposal and recycling of the main waste streams including green waste, general waste and charged for DIY type construction and demolition waste
  • Reuse Shops remain closed

The eight sites open are:

Caister, Dereham, Hempton, Ketteringham, King’s Lynn, Mayton Wood, Mile Cross and Thetford

Open: 9am – 5pm

For site information and guidance on using Norfolk County Council recycling centres during Covid-19 visit