Norfolk Winner Announced for Food Savvy’s Delicious Drawings Competition

Pioneering food saving campaign #FoodSavvy, a partnership between Norfolk County Council, Suffolk Waste Partnership, and environmental charity Hubbub are very pleased to announce the winners and runners up of the month-long Delicious Drawings competition, in collaboration with the East of England Co-op.

The competition challenged primary aged children to create a colourful design around saving and valuing food, and the children of Norfolk responded with lots of creative entries. Judged by the East of England Co-op throughout June.

Niall O’Keeffe, East of England Co-op joint CEO, said “It has been great to have been involved with something so positive with Food Savvy, especially during the coronavirus lock down. The competition entries were all so innovative and varied. It was incredibly hard to whittle them down, but we somehow managed it and we are looking forward to having the winners’ posters up in their local stores.”

The winning entry for Norfolk was Amy Cawley, Age 11 from Kings Lynn. She has the title of number one food saving artist in the county, congratulations Amy. Closely followed by runner up food hero Lucas Tracy, Age 10 from Norwich. The standard was so high, that you can also view a selection of highly commended entries in an online gallery at the Delicious Drawings gallery page.

Amy’s design included the imaginative characters of ‘Bandit the Bin’ and ‘Freshella the fridge’ with the message, ‘Don’t feed bandit – feed the family’ words of wisdom which we can all use to help reduce our collective food waste. Lucas’s entry was just as creative, with his ‘Souperhero’ taking centre stage and accompanied with the catchy rhyme ‘That evil bin should not be fed, put carrots in a soup instead!’ Keep your eyes peeled for the winners and runners up entries in select East of England Co-op stores.

The competition was a success and brought families together in a creative way to talk about the value of food and ways to use up every bite. It also raised awareness around the £730 worth of food the average East Anglian households waste every year (WRAP). These young creative change makers proved that no one is too small to make a difference.

If you are looking to save money and reduce waste, the Food Savvy website is packed with recipes and ideas to cut down food waste and make your food go further, from planning your shopping to storing food correctly, plus lots of savvy living tips to help with lockdown life.

Click here for more advice and tips to make your food go further.