Norwich Science Festival: Fight Fast Fashion with Friends, Norwich

Event Date: 24/10/21

Sunday 24 October, 10am – 12pm Royal Arcade Norwich

How many of us have clothing in our wardrobes that we’re not currently wearing, just because we need to do a small repair? Perhaps a button has fallen off… perhaps a hem has fallen down… We definitely do!

Not only do we believe in mending clothes to give them a second lease of life, we also wholeheartedly believe that one should always ‘mend with friends’! Bring your mending projects from home or choose something from our ‘rag-bag’ to mend/upcycle and give a new lease of life.

This event is all about sharing stories, tips and skills with one another, in a relaxed environment. We’ll be doing simple mending by hand, like darning holes, patching and replacing buttons. If you want to do something more adventurous, by all means bring your stuff and give it a go – as long as it can be done without a sewing machine.

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