Possitopia Festival Norwich

Event Date: 01/11/23 - 30/11/23

This November 2023, events and creative activities to imagine and build the future you want to see for Norwich and the planet.

This will take place thanks to funding from Norwich Eco Hub, and £540 raised from an Aviva-supported crowdfunder.

Possitopia is better than Utopia because it’s a possible place we can really make, if we can imagine it, and it responds to the real challenges facing our planet. It’s also better than a Dystopia because it can be healthy, green, caring and safe.

This festival is part of the Possitopia Norwich programme run by Climate Museum UK. The activities will be led by our associates and some of our partners, already working to help people act for a safe and healthy world, and it will take place in a range of venues across Norwich throughout November.

  • Watch out on the Facebook event page and Instagram below for activities coming up and how to book.
  • If you’d like to help support or promote activities, do get in touch. We aim to pay volunteers £50 per activity attended, documented and promoted. Share the press release with any bloggers, networks or journalists that you know.