Recycle Week 2018

‘Norfolk Does’ – that is the message this Recycle Week, which highlights the many ways people are recycling in the county.

To mark the event, which takes place from September 24 to 30, Norwich Castle will be lit up with the recycle ‘swoosh’, joining other iconic buildings across the UK, to remind people the importance of recycling.

According to the latest figures, Norfolk residents recycle an impressive 46.7% of their household waste through their home recycling bins – the highest ever amount – and there are many other ways people can make sure their waste doesn’t go to waste.

They can visit one of Norfolk’s Recycling Centres which recycle and compost more than 20 different materials, many of which are free of charge, including electricals, garden waste and free-standing furniture. People can also send unwanted items for reuse through the popular network of reuse shops.

There is also the option of donating to charity shops, or using websites or social media sites to sell or give away items, or handing them on to family members or friends.

Cllr John Fisher, Chairman of the Norfolk Waste Partnership, said: “More and more people in Norfolk are recycling and that is something we’d like to celebrate this Recycle Week.
“Recycling is good for the environment and it saves money. We know we have some fantastic work going on in homes and businesses across the county to make sure valuable resources are sent to the right place.

“Just please remember to give your recycling a rinse, let it dry and put it loose into the recycling bin. No soft plastics please, such as cling film, crisp wrappers or plastic bags. We’d encourage anyone who is unsure what they can and cannot recycle in Norfolk to check the website for full details.”

Anyone who wants to find out where their recycling goes after it has been collected from their street, can visit the Recycle for Norfolk website to watch a 360 degree video of the Materials Recovery Facility at Costessey.

They can take a virtual tour of the site, which separates and sorts all the materials people put into their bin and turns it into bales to be sent off for recycling.

To watch the video, click here

The website also has a game, where people can test their recycling skills against the clock, as well as a host of recycling tips, including how to reduce the use of single use plastics.