Calling all Norfolk Residents, we know how confusing recycling can be so we’re here to help you recycle right when it comes to plastic packaging.

Tubs, pots, trays and bottles can all be recycled at home, but make sure they are free of food and drink first! 

That means rinsing out the leftover coleslaw and throwing away the last slice of ham before the packaging goes in the recycling bin. 


Plastic Bottles

Yes Please!

All household plastic bottles can be recycled at home! – Just give them a rinse and put the lid back on!

✅ Water

✅ Fizzy drinks

✅ Squash

✅ Sauces

✅ Cooking oil

✅ Washing up liquid

✅ Bleach

✅ Antibacterial spray

✅ Shampoo and conditioner

✅ Shower gel

✅ Garden products

✅ Car products

Remember the lids can go back on!

Plastic Pots, Tubs and Trays

Yes Please!

All plastic food pots, tubs and trays can be recycled and yes you CAN include black trays in your recycling!

Make sure you remove film lids and absorbent pads, scrape off leftover food and rinse. You can put plastic lids back on pots.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Yes Please!

Just as with plastic bottles, give them a rinse and put the lid back on!

We want the glass not the drink!

Why is clean and dry so important?

Food and liquid left in packaging, when placed in recycling can damage all the other materials in the recycling bin.

Our recycling is sorted by hand, this is difficult when items become stuck together from food waste. Or card and paper is soaked from leftover drinks, damaging it so it can’t be recycled.

No Thanks!

Please do not include any of the following in your home recycling bin as we cannot recycle them. Do check our Bin Genie to see if there is a local recycling point near you which can accept these.

❌ Food

❌ Plastic film lids

❌ Crisp packets / sweet wrappers

❌ Baby food /pet food pouches

❌ Shrink wrap

❌ Absorbent pads

❌ Bubble wrap

❌ Toothpaste tubes

❌ Carrier bags / bread bags

❌ Cling film

❌ Hard plastics (toys, polystyrene, plant pots, seed trays, etc)