Recycling Stars in Norwich

A new vouchers for schools scheme is about to start in Norwich’s Catton Grove area.

If residents recycle the correct items in their blue, recycling wheelie bin, they will be rewarded with a recycling star voucher. And if they use their food waste caddy, they could be rewarded with another star!

Star vouchers can then be exchanged for cash prizes of up to £2,000 for the local school, Catton Grove Primary.

Vouchers will be issued between:

  • 14 November – 12 December 2017

And then again between:

  • 23 January – 20 March 2018

Please take your vouchers to a collection point by 27 March 2018. Collection points are:

  • Catton Grove Primary School
  • Jewson Road Community Centre
  • Mile Cross Library, Aylsham Road
  • The Box, Woodcock Road

For more information about the Recycling Stars project, please go to