Clothes and Textiles

Image of second clothes on railsWhether you have a forgotten about top, a pair of trousers that no longer fit or an old favourite that’s seen better days, we’ve got lots of ideas to help you to breathe new life into old threads.

Why not get involved with our schools’ scheme or even learn some new skills by taking an adult learning course?

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Image of electrical itemsRecycling is the safest and most responsible way to dispose of electrical items that are faulty or otherwise beyond repair.  By recycling your old and unwanted electrical items, you’re doing your bit to help the environment. Electrical and electronic equipment is made up of a wide variety of materials, many of which can be used again (for example, there’s enough steel in an iron to produce 13 steel cans).

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Food Waste

Image of food shoppingWith around 7 million tonnes of food and drink being thrown away in UK households per year, families are not only wasting food that could potentially have been eaten but also wasting money too.

A few simple changes such as savvy shopping, learning to love your leftovers and some tips about food storage can help to change this.

You could even join our Food Savvy Champions – a group of volunteers who help to spread the message across Norfolk!

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The Wonder of Compost

Image of a home compost bin in gardenComposting is a fantastic way of recycling lots of your organic waste into a nutrient rich food for the garden. We have pointers to help you get started, information about buying a bin and troubleshooting tips to help you to make great quality compost.

Did you know we also have a group of who are experts in providing support to help people to get the best from their bin?

So whether you’re interested in home composting, setting up a community composting scheme or finding out more about Norfolk’s garden waste collection schemes we have all the information you’ll need.

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