Buying clothes

charity-shop-rails-2-large-webLoving your clothes starts with smarter buying. This can mean choosing clothes that are better made and easy to care for, or maybe even hiring, swapping or buying pre-loved items.

Swishing parties are a great way to refresh your wardrobe by swapping wearable clothes and accessories with others – and it won’t cost you a penny! Take a look at our handy guide to help to get you started.

Care & repair

line-drying-webJust a little know-how in the care department can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your clothes looking great.

Download the care symbol guide here

Plus repairing your favourite items could be easier than you think. Please take a look at these useful hints and tips for some ideas.

Refashion & upcycle

sewing-6Clothes due for an upgrade? By altering, accessorizing and combining clothes in new ways you can revamp your wardrobe and look amazing! Here are some guides and project ideas to get you started.

Fancy taking on something more challenging or learning some new skills? Take a look at what local adult education courses are available.

Unwanted clothes

clothes-bank-large-webWe can help you to find a new home for whatever you want to get rid of, whether it’s a former favourite you’ve fallen out of love with, something the kids have outgrown or clothes that have been forgotten.

Try selling, swapping, donating to charity or recycling. You’ll be helping the environment and could even make some money too!