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Food Savvy Norfolk is here to help you tackle food waste, whilst celebrating good food and saving you money.

We are excited to have joined forces with Suffolk Councils and the environmental charity Hubbub to become #FoodSavvy to help people across both counties become smart with their food.

Here at Food Savvy Norfolk we want to continue to help you reduce the food you throw away, just as we did with our Plan Eat Save campaign. So, for savvy recipes, hints and tips follow us:

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Get Food Savvy this Christmas

Christmas is a time when we really embrace big meals and delicious food to share with our family and friends. However, nearly three quarters of us will struggle to eat all the food we’ve bought and with 74 million mince pies and 2 million turkeys being thrown away each Christmas, it’s time to get Food Savvy.

It’s all about the planning!

To avoid last minute panic buys get pen to paper and start making a shopping list and a meal plan. Include some frozen “goodies” to cater for unexpected guest as they don’t spoil if not needed. Here is a blank meal plan to get you started.

If you have a houseful of people and struggle with how much to cook, a good way to get it right is to visualize all the different trimmings on a plate. This handy portion planner from Love Food Hate Waste might also be a useful tool.

Join the festive freeze!

During the holidays, your freezer will become your best friend. It helps you get ahead of the big day so you can enjoy the festivities. You can also freeze any leftovers and excess food, avoiding the endless turkey sandwiches after Boxing Day. Here are some top tips for freezing.

Get creative with what’s left, making curries, stews and anything else that takes your fancy. Check out these delicious recipe inspirations. Remember to clear out your freezer before Christmas and check to see if anything in there can be used, saving you time and money.

Visit the Christmas food savvy page.   We have a fantastic blog with tips on how to save money on your food bill and use your freezer for all your leftovers.


Take our challenge and see how much money you can save in a month. All it takes to reduce your household food bill is a bit of forward planning, some savvy shopping and a commitment to use up your leftovers. Sign up to the challenge below and save up to £70 per month.


Recipe Calendar

We would love to share some of our best loved leftover recipes with you, click here to see the latest.

Food Savvy Champions

Our Food Savvy Champions are trained volunteers who are passionate about food. They have lots of tips and advice to help people in their local community to make the most of their food, reduce food waste and save money.

To find out more click here.