Why is Reuse Important?

Reuse logoReuse is often confused with recycling, but they are really quite different.

Recycling takes a product and makes it into a new version of the same thing or something else.

Reuse is simply changing the user of the product or the way that product is used. This prolongs the life of the product and retains the value of it for longer. This is good for the environment as it displaces the need to use raw or recycled materials.

How can I reuse?

Bin Genie logoYou can reuse by donating, selling or buying reusable things. Some common examples are Freegle, charity shops, second hand shops, car boot sales, free ads, eBay etc.

There are lots of selling and ‘gifting’ pages or groups on social media. Why not see what’s on offer in your local area.

If you have something you want to offer for reuse why not see where you can take it with the Bin Genie.

Reuse Shops at Norfolk Recycling Centres

Image of reuse shopDonate unwanted items and find your next bargain at a Reuse shop at one of nine locations at Recycling Centres.

Find your nearest shop here.

Sign up to Norfolk and Waveney Freegle

Freegle LogoFreegle helps people to pass on things they no longer need. Using Freegle reduces waste and clutter, helps your community, saves money and benefits the environment.

Why not sign up here.