Norfolk is Rooting for Nature by composting at home.

Norfolk County Council is launching Rooting for Nature, a campaign to spread the word on the benefits of home composting, which will include a live Q&A hosted on the County Council’s Facebook page on Thursday 7 May, beginning at 7pm.

As part of the campaign, Norfolk County Council has teamed up with Get Composting to offer a range of discounted composting bins to encourage people to use their garden and food waste to make their own compost at home. Compost bins are now available from just £10 to help you to make the most of your garden this spring.

Making homemade compost helps to recycle fruit and vegetable peelings, plus garden waste and much more. The nature in your garden gets to work on your waste to create a rich compost which improves the structure of you soil and feeds plants. This makes homemade compost great for your garden and great for nature too.

In partnership with Garden Organic, Norfolk County Council organises a network of Master Composters across Norfolk to help raise awareness of the benefits of composting.  Master Composter, Alan Davies, will be answering people’s questions in the live Q&A session next Thursday from 7pm, to take part, visit Norfolk County Council’s Facebook page.

To find out more about composting and to order visit our home composting webpage.

See the full range of new compost bin discounts here.


Rooting for Nature Logo, the words rooting for nature in cream, green and blue on a brown background. Image contains a small cartoon worm