‘Simpler Recycling’ for households and businesses in England

In order to end confusion about what can and cannot be recycled, the government has set out plans to make recycling easier for everyone. The Simpler Recycling plan will mean that every household, business, school and hospital across England will be able to recycle the same core materials.

Under the plans, by 31st March 2026, all local authorities in England will collect metal, glass, plastic, paper/card, food waste and (for households only) garden waste. For businesses, this will happen a year earlier.

Norfolk is already ahead of the game with this as all Norfolk councils have been accepting the same materials in all home recycling bins since 2014. The Simpler Recycling plan will mean that food waste collections will be extended to all residents across the county.

For further information please visit Simpler recycling collections and tougher regulation to reform waste system – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Recycling Swoosh graphic