Volunteer for our challenge and become food savvy

Every year, 63,000 tonnes of food is wasted in Norfolk that’s the equivalent of 140 Boeing 747 aeroplanes, while the UK’s average family with children wastes around £700 a year buying and then throwing away good food and drink.

Become food savvy and save up to £60 a month by taking our challenge which is packed with top tips, recipes and advice on how to save money by following simple advice on meal planning, storage and tasty recipes using leftover food. Dozens of local families have already saved money by signing up to the challenge and as a result of taking the challenge 36% of people don’t waste any food at all. The top three behaviour changes that helped people to save money included planning meals, checking what food they had before going shopping and knowing what you can and can’t freeze.

Now it’s your chance.  We are looking for households in Norfolk to take part in the challenge and share their journey with us. Whether you’re a student, a family with young children, or a young professional couple we want to hear from you!

Three households will be selected to appear in articles on how to become food savvy and will receive £20 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers as a thank you as well as some great food saving gadgets to keep. 

 Thank you for your interest, sign up for this has now closed and our volunteers have been selected.