Norfolk County Council Recycling Centres

Click on image to view interactive mapNorfolk County Council provides 20 Recycling Centres across the county for the reuse, recycling and disposal of household waste that is not suitable for normal waste bins. Click here to use our interactive map and find your closest centre.

What you can take to Norfolk Recycling Centres?

Do you know what you can and can’t take to one of Norfolk County Council’s Recycling Centres?

For a detailed list, please click here or download our Know Before You Throw information.

We’ve also put together a video showing what you can take to a Recycling Centre and what to expect when you’re there.


tins of paintPaint is a common item people want to get rid of. Although liquid paint is no longer routinely accepted at our Recycling Centres, there are ways you can dispose of paint.

If you have some unused paint you could:

  • ‘use it up’ by offering to friends, family or online eg Freegle or Freecycle
  • ‘dry it out’ by leaving the lid off. Or speed up the process by adding something absorbent like cat litter, soil or saw dust. Once the paint is dried, you can put the paint can in your general waste bin at home
  • wait for the household hazardous waste days usually held annually at Norfolk’s recycling centres – sign up for our newsletter to hear when the next days will be held and where
  • contact a specialist hazardous waste contractor; these can be found in the phone book or online

In April 2014, we stopped routinely accepting paint for disposal at Recycling Centres because of the considerable cost associated with its disposal. By only taking paint at our Recycling Centres on our annual household hazardous waste days, it enables the County Council to make significant savings.

Other Recycling Locations

Across Norfolk there are many community recycling banks provided by various organisations.  Click here to find your local recycling facilities.