Food Waste

In Norfolk, food waste makes up approximately one third of the contents of our bins. The average family could save £700 a year, simply by throwing away less food!

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Food waste collections

Households have their food waste collected separately each week in the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, Norwich City Council and some parts of Broadland District Council areas.

Residents in these places are provided with two food waste caddies; a small caddy is for use  inside your home and a larger caddy is used when you put your food waste out for collection.


Items to put in your food caddy

  • Leftovers from your mealsmeat_bonesfood_waste
  • Eggs – including shells
  • All dairy products eg cheese
  • Vegetables and fruit – raw and cooked
  • Bread, cakes and other baked goods
  • Meat – raw and cooked, including fat and bones
  • Fish – raw and cooked, including bones and shells
  • Rice, pasta and beans
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Cooking oil, lard and other fats
  • Out of date foodbread_pastriesdairy
  • Pet food – wet and dry


Items not to put in your food caddy

  • Packaging of any sort e.g. cardboard, plastic film
  • Non-food products
  • Garden waste
  • Straw or other animal bedding/waste
  • fruit_vegetablesfishOther recycling


Keeping your food caddies clean

  • To keep your caddy clean, you could line it with either newspaper, a compostable caddy liner or plastic bag.
  • You can purchase caddy liners from a number of retailers, including supermarkets, but if you do not want to purchase liners, newspaper works just as well.
  • Many people line their caddy all year, but it is particularly advisable to do so in the winter to help stop loose food being frozen to the bin.


For more information, please visit your council’s website by clicking its logo below:

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