Love Norfolk Hate Litter School's Pack

Join in with Norfolk’s Litter Campaign, designed to help primary school teachers raise awareness about the issues surrounding litter and to provide support with taking practical action to tackle the problem. This pack contains lots of information, facts, an assembly plan, curriculum linked activity ideas, games and advice on organising a school litter pick. Please click here to access

Recycling themed lesson plans & activities

Introduction to waste & recycling presentation/assembly

This can be run either with the whole school, or a smaller group, and provides an introduction to waste and the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). Please click here to access

Waste audit lesson plans

In order to identify what your school throws away and any particular problem areas, a waste audit can be carried out. This involves collecting, sorting and weighing waste from around the school in order to inform an action plan that aims to reduce the waste and improve recycling. Please click here to access

Recycling race lesson plan

A great introduction to recycling. This session explores the different items that can be recycled at home and involves the children in a hands on ‘sorting race’ to work out which bin different things need to be placed in. Please click here to access

Help others to recycle lesson plan

This session looks at the various options for disposing of waste and discusses how recycling is beneficial. The pupils will be encouraged to use a range of information sources to investigate what can and can’t be recycled at home. Please click here to access  

Activity ideas

We have developed a whole range of curriculum linked activities that provide some great ideas for broadening and enhancing any waste or recycling linked topic. Please click here to access


Recycling and environmentally themed books

Books, both fiction and non-fiction, can provide a great way to introduce a new topic or provide inspiration for project work.

Please click here for information about a range of environmentally themed books.


Leaflets and other resources

This child friendly leaflet is designed to help you to find out what you can and can’t put in your home recycling bin. Please click here to access