Why Compost?

Composting at home is the simple way to help nature restore your garden’s health and vitality

Home composting can help:

  • You,  to save money on buying compost
  • Your garden, by feeding plants, lightening heavy soils and helping light soils hold more water.
  • The environment, by reducing waste being sent for disposal cuts down on our reliance on peat based composts

Step by Step guide to composting

Find out where’s the best place to put your compost bin, what ingredients to put in and how to get your compost out and use it.

Click here for a step by step guide to composting

Compost FAQs

Are you having trouble getting your compost just right?

Is it too wet, dry or smelly? Do you have some unwanted residents?  We have collated some advice on how to deal with the most common home composting problems.

Click here to have your compost questions answered

Getting Help and Local Events

We are here to help if you have any questions or need advice on composting there are lots of ways to find out more:

Visit Master Composters at a local event 

Email – mastercomposters@norfolk.gov.uk

Call – 0344 800 8020

Garden Organic – lots of information on organic gardening and composting, including an app for your smart phone

Recyclenow.com  – easy steps to help with your home composting

Meet Norfolk's First-time composters

Lucy Land
Lucy and her husband are first time buyers and having rented a flat for many years, they are really excited about having a garden for the first time and would like to try composting. She is passionate about the environment and learning to live more sustainably

Gavin Baker

Gavin has a 3 year old daughter who he would like to get involved with learning how to compost. They have a large garden and used to have chickens who ate some of the veg and salad scraps. Now they no longer have chickens they have noticed that they are throwing a lot more away. They are concerned about this and are starting composting instead.

Alexis Brand

Alexis and her husband are newly retired. Composting is something they always wanted to do but with a hectic working life they didn’t get round to it, so they would love to start now. They have 4 grandchildren who stay with them regularly and would like to set an example and teach them about composting and the environment.

Karen Davies
Karen has a very small garden with one raised bed. Therefore she is going to start using a  bokashi composter which is ideal for a smaller space. Bokashi composters a small containers that use micro-organisms to speed up the composting process. She would like to make the most of her food waste and do her bit for the environment.