Give your wrapping paper the Scrunch Test

Each year we throw out enough wrapping paper to reach the moon. However, a majority of paper can be recycled, all you have to do is SCRUNCH IT, TO SORT IT!

Once the wrapping paper has been ripped off your presents scrunch it in your hands, if it stays in a ball it can go in your recycling bin, but if it bounces back it will need to go into the rubbish bin.


But FREEZE, don’t recycle the wrapping paper if it contains foil or glitter, or has lots of tape on it. Remember to remove ribbons and bows as these cannot be recycled.

To save space in your recycling bin fold the wrapping paper up into a neat pile, or bag it and take to your local Recycling Centre.


What Else Can You Do to Help?

When purchasing your wrapping paper this year try to buy responsibly by ensuring the paper is recyclable. Or you can buy biodegradable brown paper, that is not only recyclable but compostable.

Consider using gift bags instead of wrapping paper, these can then be reused next year. Christmas themed tote bags make a fab alternative also, potentially being used for many years as a shopping carrier bag.

Pop over to our Christmas Alternatives page for further inspiration.

Christmas Card Waste

On average we each send 18 Christmas cards each year, totalling a whopping one billion cards being brought, with around 150 million being delivered by Royal Mail. Once the festive period is over, a majority of cards will be thrown away.

You can help the environment and recycle cards where possible. As long as they don’t contain glitter, bows or are 3D, they can go into your recycling bin. Or how about getting crafty and upcycling Christmas cards to gift tags or decorations, you can even make new personalised cards.

When buying your cards make sure they are recyclable or consider sending e-cards instead. You could replace card giving with a donation to a charity, something that is becoming more and more popular, and ask others to donate rather than sending you a card.

Remember to also recycle the envelops that Christmas cards are delivered in.